Internet Love Song

If I could google to find a way
To help me say that I like youI'd go yahoo make you my booWithin a day or two

If I messaged, would you read itTweet it would you see itCause I can't say it to your faceIf I post it up on aimWould it be the same?Oh well, here goes nothin'

Chorus:I'm gonna poke you 'cause I miss youLike you cause I doReblog everything that reminds me of youI hope you get the hintAnd if you don't get it yetI'm tryna say I like you the use of the internet

This is my internet love song (x2)Doo bee doo bee doow w w. i like you

You wouldn't be forever aloneIf you were down to get with me (smiley face)LOL, JK, NVMWhat do I really wanna say?

LOL lots of loveGTG got to get youSMH for me's you stole my heartI know that that was cheesyBut what do you expectIf it comes from the heart, it don't gotta be correct

I can't even express how I feelwww.this is realSo I log in just to aim youBut you ain't online, forreal?So I upload a song on YouTubeDedicate it to you booI hope you listen 'cause this song is just for youGoogle I'm feelin' luckySo can you answer this?I'll formspring her under Mr. AnnonymousTweet her 143 I miss you, I love youWhat did I miss?Here's my internet love songFaceBook status this.

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